Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Welcome to RITUAL Nordic Spa, Victoria’s only urban saunahouse. Conveniently located in downtown, we offer three distinct massage therapy treatment options with professional therapists, in a stunning Scandinavian inspired setting. Sports Massage with an RMT to target specific issues and muscle healing. Relaxation Massage when you need to relieve stresses, recenter and recharge. And our signature Alpine Dry Brush Massage that will energize plus exfoliate and moisturize. For optimum results, we recommend beginning your RITUAL experience with the hot-cold-relax Nordic Circuit to warm muscles and relax the mind, followed by the massage therapy of your choice.

Therapeutic Massage (RMT)

90 min $180 | 60 min $140
Ideal for treating specific muscle areas. A Registered Massage Therapist delivers a customized session based on consultation and may be focused on healing targeted areas. Great for elite and everyday athletes. First time guests are encouraged to complete an introductory assessment to determine the best type of treatment plan for you. This consultation-based experience addresses areas of concern so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need from the treatment.


Relaxation Massage

60 min $129 | 90 min $159
Relaxing strokes release muscular tension, reset the nervous system and provide an energy reboot. Sink into stillness while our Spa Practitioners combine elements of firm pressure work, myofascial release, and acupressure. Your choice of aromatherapy oils complements the full experience. (Not RMT)


Alpine Dry Brush Experience

60 min $150
Our Dry Brush massage is designed to reflect the brisk scrubs offered in the hammams of Turkey or the baths of Hungary. Our dry brush exfoliation offers a full body scrub with a natural fibre brush that is yours to keep. For amazing skin, this invigorating circulation boost is followed by a moisturizing application to keep your skin glowing and soft. We suggest experiencing this dry brush treatment after your sauna circuit visit. (Not RMT)


Nordic Circuit + Massage Combo

For the ultimate Ritual experience, choose a COMBO of a one hour Nordic Circuit paired with your favourite massage. Hot, cold, relax – and repeat! Our Nordic Circuit offers sauna, steam, cold plunge and salt lounge relaxation area to ensure an effective Contrast Therapy experience. Alternating with hot and cold temperatures can be amazingly beneficial for the body and mind, and is excellent preparation for the massage therapy treatment. Come visit us for some well-deserved rejuvenation. (Times noted are for selecting massage service only.) 

Therapeutic Massage + Circuit Combo
60 min $175  |  90min $215

Relaxation Massage + Circuit Combo
60 min $164  |  90min $194

Alpine Dry Brush Experience+ Circuit Combo
60 min $185