Private Sauna Suites

Private Sauna Experiences

If you’re craving a quieter sauna escape, book one of our amazing sauna suites. These private rooms offer a chance to relax and sauna by yourself, as a couple, or with up to 3 friends. Suites are located in the massage zone, with access to a shared indoor lounge and outdoor patio for relaxing between hot and cold. Choose between the Birch Suite Infrared Sauna (1-2 people) or the traditional Cedar Sauna Suite (1-4 people). Note: Services are available to guests 18 yrs and older.

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Birch Suite

Infrared Sauna experience for 1-2 people in a private suite. Includes chromatherapy, bluetooth sound, and a shower for cold blasts to invigorate and detox the system. 1 hour bookings.


Infrared Sauna at Ritual Nordic Spa, located in downtown Victoria, British Columbia

Infrared Sauna

At RITUAL we have a far-infrared saunas (FIR). The infrared energy will improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and encourage the release of toxins in the body. Infrared saunas can also help with stress relief as it can promote relaxation and allow for a calming experience. The infrared light waves are beneficial for pain relief, as they help relax muscles, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, speeds up metabolism and may facilitate weight loss.

Couple enjoying the soothing sensation of an infrared sauna at Ritual Nordic Spa

Additional benefits

The RITUAL Birch Suite infrared sauna features Chromotherapy, also known as Colour Therapy. Colours are thought to have different effects on the mind and body, and can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Chromotherapy can also help reduce stress, promote relaxation, boost energy and improve circulation.

Woman Showering in her private suite at Ritual Nordic Spa

Hot and cold contrast

With room for 1-2 people, the completely private suite has its own shower for a relaxed rinse-off and an unhurried experience. Infrared saunas can be beneficial for athletes looking to enhance their performance and reduce recovery time. Infrared heat will help to reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation and reduce inflammation, and increase the body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently.

Woman basking in the sun of her private suite at Ritual Nordic Spa

Plan to relax

Located in the massage wing, Birch Suite guests have access to the indoor lounge and patio relaxation areas as well. Get more out of your visit when you pair your Birch Suite experience with a Massage treatment or Nordic Circuit add on, simply select COMBO in the services menu when booking.


Cedar Suite

If you love traditional sauna, welcome to the sauna and cold plunge combo of your dreams. 1-4 guests, 2 hour booking.

1 – 2 Guests  $279 | 3 – 4 Guests  $299
* A 15% gratuity will be added to this service before tax.


Enjoy complete privacy, go nude if you like! Featuring a large, four-person, two-bench cedar sauna, with a separate soaking tub right beside.

A private alpine oasis

Enjoy complete privacy, go nude if you like! Featuring a large, four-person, two-bench cedar sauna, with a separate soaking tub right beside. You can move from hot to cold as often as you like, then relax on the nearby patio. Bathing suits are optional in the suite but required in all other areas of the spa.

Enjoying the Ritual Nordic Spa's private suite cedar tub at your liesure.

Cold plunge tub

Making this experience truly unique, your private suite includes its own cedar soaking tub, filled with cool 9˚C water. Cold plunge and hot/cold contrast therapy offer many health benefits, such as increased circulation, strengthened immune system, reduced inflammation, and better sleep. Learn more in this article How to Cold Plunge

Enjoy the outdoor patio during hot and cold breaks in your private suite at Ritual Nordic Spa

Private patio and lounge area

Enjoy a period of rest between hot/cold cycles, on the outdoor patio and indoor lounging areas. Stay hydrated with water or tea, read a book, or visit with friends around the fire table.

Woman relaxing during a massage, available when booking your private suite at Ritual Nordic Spa

The perfect date combo

The 2 hour booking can be a peaceful solitude or quality time among friends. For the ultimate experience, (and unique date idea!) reserve a private sauna suite followed by massage treatments. Choose from Swedish or RMT Massage. The sauna suite will warm your body and relax your muscles, enhancing the benefits of your massage. Afterwards you can relax on the patio, or meet in the Après Café for a cold kombucha, “Cold Plunge Pilsner” or prosecco on tap.