The Experience

Ready. Set.

Hit pause on your busy life and relax into this beneficial experience for body and mind. Centred around the age-old Finnish tradition of sauna, our Nordic circuit consists of moving between areas of hot, cold, and rest to offer temperature contrasts that boost immunity, improve mood, and jump-start circulation. Bathing suit on, cell phone off, relaxation assured.

Take a cold water shower to invigorate

The Circuit

Leisurely move through our Nordic circuit on your own time, at your own pace. Try out the Finnish sauna, steam room, cold plunge pool, salt lounge, outdoor patios, rinse station, Nordic bucket shower, and lounge. Alternate between hot and cold, then relax and repeat the circuit again.

Group of people sitting in sauna at Ritual Nordic Spa in Victoria


Our Finnish-style, traditional, high-performing basswood sauna delivers dry heat up to 90°C. Ladle a splash of water on the rocks to bring up the humidity. Double stoves keep the room hot, low lights keep the mood relaxed.


Cold plunge pool at Ritual Nordic Spa

Cold Plunge

Step into our 42” deep cold pool for a full-body chillout. Try to submerge part (or all) of your body for a minute or more. Cool your core temperature, breathe through the icy amazingness and feel endorphins release for a physical reboot. We keep it ice-water chilly at 9°C.


Man in steam room shower at Ritual Nordic Spa

Steam Room

Melt away your stress and feel muscles relax in our eucalyptus-infused steam room. Beautifully hot with a soothing steam mist and a temperature of 46°C. Lighting is subdued to enhance relaxation.


Relax in the Ritual Nordic Spa Salt Lounge

Salt Lounge

Bask in the glow of Himalayan salt blocks, known for anti-inflammatory properties and properties that help fight infection. This subtly warm room offers a peaceful recovery moment between cold and hot cycles of circuit. Put your feet up, close your eyes and breathe.


Private Suites

If you’re craving a quieter sauna escape, book one of our amazing sauna suites.  These private suites offer a chance to relax and sauna by yourself, as a couple, or with up to 4 friends.

Get your glow on in a private infrared sauna. Our Birch Suite has its own infrared heat sauna plus a shower for a relaxed rinse-off and an unhurried experience. Infrared offers a less intense heat and is known for eliminating toxins, improving circulation, and aiding in weight loss. Bookable for 1- 2 people. 1 hour booking.


A private alpine oasis. If you love traditional sauna, welcome to the sauna and cold plunge combo of your dreams. Our Cedar Suite features a large, four-person, two-bench sauna, with a separate cedar soaking tub right beside. Move from hot to cold as often as you like, then relax on the nearby patio. Bookable for 1-4 people. 2 hour booking.



Massage helps your body recover after a strenuous day—whether you’ve been paddling the ocean, hiking the hills, or hunched over your computer. We follow a recovery-focused philosophy: our Registered Massage Therapists and Spa Practitioners are professionally trained to get your body feeling great.

Add on a visit to the Nordic circuit before your massage when booking for the ultimate Ritual experience (add-on one hour for $35).

Sport Massage

60 min/90min | $140/$180 | Provided by RMT

Designed for (and by) athletes looking to speed up recovery, our Sport massage is ideal for treating specific muscle areas. Our therapists deliver a customized session based on what your body needs.  An introductory assessment with a skilled Registered Massage Therapist will determine the best type of treatment plan for you.  This consultation-based experience addresses areas of concern so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need from the treatment.  

Relaxation Massage

60 min/90min | $140/$180

Relaxing strokes release muscular tension, reset the nervous system and provide an energy reboot.  Sink into stillness while our Spa Practitioners combine elements of firm pressure work, myofascial release, and acupressure.  Your choice of aromatherapy oils complements the full experience.

Alpine Dry Brush Experience

60 min | $150

Our Dry Brush massage is designed to reflect the brisk scrubs offered in the hammams of Turkey or the baths of Hungary. Our dry brush exfoliation offers a full body scrub with a natural fibre brush that is yours to keep. For amazing skin, this invigorating circulation boost is followed by a moisturizing application to keep your skin glowing and soft. We suggest experiencing this dry brush treatment after your sauna circuit visit.

Sip + Savour

Visit our Après-Café after your Circuit for a cold beverage and snack. Refresh with a Scandinavian-styled snack and a cold juice, or try our own “Cold Plunge Pilsner” on tap (brewed locally by DRIFTWOOD). There is also tea and macarons, local Kombucha, and Italian prosecco on tap! Weekends are are extra special with muffins delivered fresh (by bike) from The Bikery. Kippis! (That’s cheers in Finnish).

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