“Get Me Through Winter” with Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna + Chromotherapy may be the cure for the cold, dark days of winter…

beat winter blahs with the benefits of chromotherapy

Infrared Multi Visit Pass Downtown VictoriaYou may have heard about our “Birch Suite” private infrared sauna. Cozy and calming, with room for 1-2 people, the completely private suite has its own infrared heat sauna with chromotherapy lighting, plus a shower for a relaxed rinse-off and an unhurried experience. Available for one hour sessions, it is perfect for stealing some me-time in a busy day, or warming muscles prior to a massage treatment. (You can also save 10% with a 4 visit pass in our Promos section.) Located in the massage wing, Birch Suite guests have access to the indoor lounge and patio relaxation areas as well.

But do you know about some of the benefits infrared sauna has to offer, that may be of particular interest to those of us who don’t love winter? If you don’t love the cold, or have lower moods during gloomy months, you will want to read on.

Difference between traditional sauna and infrared sauna? The key difference is traditional saunas heat the air which then heats the body, whereas infrared saunas use infrared light to penetrate and heat the body directly. An infrared sauna will also use less heat, which may make it more comfortable for some.

infrared sauna private suite downtown Victoria BC, RITUAL Nordic Spa

Infrared Multi Visit Pass Downtown VictoriaFAR-INFRARED SAUNA

At RITUAL we have a far-infrared saunas (FIR). Far-infrared rays are invisible waves that only penetrate up to 0.1 mm beneath the skin, and the light is absorbed through the water in your body. The infrared energy will improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and encourage the release of toxins in the body. Infrared saunas can also help with stress relief as it can promote relaxation and allow for a calming experience. The infrared light waves are beneficial for pain relief, as they help relax muscles, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.

People coping with depression or stress, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will want to try infrared sauna and chromotherapy. SAD is sometimes known as “winter depression” because the symptoms are usually more apparent and more severe during the winter when our exposure to sunlight is lower. Symptoms include reduced energy, difficulty concentrating, and feeling sad. Infrared sauna therapy, along with chromotherapy, can relax and boost mood, and improve sleep. Understanding the positive effects of infrared sessions, we created our Birch Suite Infrared Warmer Combo and Winter Warmer Multivisit Pass.


infrared sauna will warm the body and enhance the beneficial effects of massage therapy. book as a package at Ritual Nordic Spa

Infrared saunas can also be very beneficial for high performance athletes, who are looking for ways to enhance their performance and reduce recovery time. Time spent in the infrared heat will help to reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Infrared therapy can also help to improve performance by increasing the body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently. 

Massage therapy. If you are scheduling a massage treatment, consider adding on an infrared sauna session prior. Preheating your body and relaxing muscles with the Infrared Sauna can enhance and build on the beneficial effects of the massage.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Some benefits of repeated infrared sauna therapy:
– Relaxation and reduced stress
– Improved circulation and detoxification
– Speeds up metabolism and may facilitate weight loss
– Relief from pain, fatigue and stiffness
– Reduced inflammation
– Improved immunity
– Improved sleep quality
– Improved tissue oxygenation and wound healing
– Improved skin function and tone
– Increased energy levels 
– Relief from arthritis and joint pain

What is Chromotherapy?

The RITUAL Birch Suite infrared sauna also features Chromotherapy, also known as Colour Therapy. Colours are thought to have different effects on the mind and body, and can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Chromotherapy can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

Benefits of Chromotherapy:
– Eases depression and anxiety (especially seasonal depression / SAD)
– Improves mood
– Improves sleep
– Boosts energy
– Improved circulation and blood flow 

Who May Benefit from Infrared Sauna Sessions?

Those with the following conditions and concerns may find Infrared Sauna beneficial:
– Depression and stress
– Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
– Athletic recovery
– Fibromyalgia
– Chronic Pain
– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Ankylosing Spondylitis

For more information about the RITUAL Birch Suite or to book a session, please call 778-440-9009. You can also book the “Get Me Through Winter” Combo or purchase the Winter Warmer Pass online.