Contrast Therapy + Race Recovery 

What is Hot Cold Therapy and why should you try it?

Hot cold therapy for muscle recovery post race, sauna cold plunge Victoria

As simple as it sounds, contrast therapy is when you alternate between warm and cold temperatures. At RITUAL, our Nordic Circuit is centred around the age-old Finnish tradition of sauna. Guests move between areas spending time in hot and cold, and then resting while the body adjusts.

Hot Cold Therapy is popular among athletes, particularly following intense training or a race, to assist with muscle recovery. Many runners claim that the hot cold ritual helps to lessen muscle fatigue and decrease pain, swelling, and lactic acid buildup. Other reported benefits include boosted immunity, improved mood, and a jump-start for circulation.

heat therapy sauna for muscle recovery

THE HOT — Dry Sauna or Steam Bath

Warming your body in the hot sauna or steam room will increase blood flow and circulation which can aid the healing process, as well as relieve cramps and aching muscles. Go at your own speed but most people spend 10-15 minutes in the heat, 2-5 minutes in the cold, and 5-15 minutes resting.

THE COLD — Cold Plunge + Nordic Bucket

RITUAL keeps the Cold Plunge pool at a cool 9˚C (or 48˚F), very similar to the temperature of the ocean. You may find yourself bracing against the cold water as you enter the pool. Some people glide in slowly, taking deep breaths, while others quickly dip, with a head dunk too! Or opt for the Nordic Bucket Shower for a fast and fun cool down. Opposite to heat, the cold immersion reduces inflammation and swelling, and can help with pain management.

cold plunge for muscle healing

RELAX– Himalayan Salt Lounge + Patio

After spending time in the sauna and cold plunge, your body needs to adjust and allow your heart rate to settle. Kick back in the ultra chill salt lounge or on the patio with friends or a book. It’s nice to relax for 10-15 min before repeating the cycle.

“Beautiful space with lots of wood and natural light. Bright, clean and the staff are lovely. My aches and pains went away after a two-hour circuit. Highly recommend to athletes or anyone looking to completely relax.”
– Sarah C. on Google Reviews

The Benefits

Hot and cold each have their own benefits, but paired together in succession deliver a thrilling intensity and calming respite. Some benefits you may anticipate from your Nordic Circuit experience:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced Swelling or Inflammation
  • Improvement in Muscle Strains
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Reduced Muscle Soreness
  • Increased Energy & Alertness
  • Elevated Mood
  • Better Sleep

Ready to give it a try? It’s easy to Book online, or give us a call at 778-440-9009.
See you in the sauna!