Membership Ritual Nordic Spa

The Cold Plunge Club

Welcome to the coolest club in town! We have enjoyed a fantastic year as Victoria’s first urban saunahouse, and we thank you for making RITUAL part of your lives. We love seeing you each week, each month, and love that you’re bringing new friends to try sauna and cold plunge too. Some fun things you’ve mentioned: Sauna makes a long winter bearable + Sauna is more fun with friends!

READY FOR MORE? Join the Cold Plunge Club!
Our Membership is designed to make regular visits convenient and affordable, with some extra perks rolled in. Members enjoy 4 Nordic Circuits each month (midweek/weekend) PLUS 10% OFF massage treatments and retail, and 2 comp buddy passes per year. All this for the low price of $184/month (only $46/circuit)

Ritual Nordic Spa Sauna Hats for Members


Ready to join the Club? Give us a call to enrol at 778-440-9009

Includes everything listed below, only $184 month.

  • Good for 4 Nordic circuit visits a month; midweek, wknd or holiday bookings
  • Visit once a week or multiple times in a week
  • Up to 10 unused visits roll over for 90 days while enrolled
  • Minimum 3 month subscription
  • Automatically renews each month
  • Visits include: 2 hours of circuit, towel, locker use
  • 2 additional Buddy Passes each year
  • Your name and photo on the Wall of Plunge (optional)
  • An invite to our fun NovMEMBERfest Party!
  • 10% discount on massage treatments and retail
  • Non-transferable
  • Cancel anytime with 14 days notice before renewal


What if I am away for an extended period? No problem. You won’t lose any visits, they will roll over to the next month. If you will be away for more than a month, let us know and we can “freeze” your account (no charges/no credits) until your return.

What is the cancellation policy? Because its such a great deal, a 3 month minimum commitment is required. After that you can cancel anytime with 14 days notice before your next renewal. Any active credits in your account will still be available for you to redeem after cancellation.

Can I transfer to a friend? Sorry, this offer is no sharesies. Members do receive 2 complimentary buddy passes each year, that they may give to friends or use themselves.

What is a Nordic Circuit visit? Members redeem 4 Nordic Circuit visits per month. Each booking is 2 hours access to our Nordic Circuit. Try out the Finnish sauna, steam room, cold plunge pool, salt lounge, outdoor patios, rinse station, Nordic bucket shower, and lounge. Alternate between hot and cold, then relax and repeat the circuit again. Leisurely move through our Nordic circuit on your own time, at your own pace. It’s easy to book your sessions online, or at the desk when you visit the Spa.

What’s with the hat? Great question. More than a fun accessory, these hats provide a protective layer on your head, helping regulate your temperature by keeping your head cooler, and allow for longer bouts in the sauna. Usually made from wool or felt, with a small loop on top for holding or hanging. A welcome gift for new members joining in March 2023, these hats are also available for purchase in our retail area.

Anything else I should know? Yes! One more surprise benefit of Membership… finding community with others who love sauna and contrast therapy. RITUAL is a welcoming space for all people, and all expressions of gender. Our members are a friendly bunch, range in age from 18 to 80, united by a love of sauna, and thrilled to find a local place to call “home” once a week for their sauna and cold plunge fix.