Silent Sauna Nights at RITUAL

silent sauna nights at RITUAL Nordic Spa Victoria

As sauna culture takes hold in Victoria, we like to take a look at the different ways people prefer to enjoy this wellness practice. Since our inception, RITUAL Nordic Spa takes the traditional Finnish approach to sauna, embracing the social elements as a beneficial part of the sauna experience. While we celebrate the social aspect of sauna and relaxation through shared moments of laughter and connection, we also know that silence can be magic. We are hearing from a few folks that they would also cherish the option of some silent sauna hours every week, and so we will be trying out “Silent Sauna” on Tuesday evenings in June and July.

What is Silent Sauna?

Tuesdays, 5-9 PM, beginning June 4
at RITUAL Nordic Spa in Victoria

On these evenings the Nordic Circuit will be a tranquil environment for deep relaxation and mindfulness. In the absence of conversation individuals can focus inward, practicing mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing or meditation. This silence allows for introspection, calming the mind and fostering profound relaxation.

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Q: Is the night completely silent or can people talk in quiet voices?
It depends where you are!
In the reception area, quiet conversation is permitted.
In change rooms, silence is encouraged with quiet whispering if needed.
In the circuit, it is intended that guests will be silent with no speaking.

Q: What if I reserved and was unaware of the Silent hours?
If you would rather use the Nordic Circuit during social hours, please give us a call at 778-440-9009 and we will help reschedule your visit to a preferred time. Guests booked at 3:30 pm or later should expect that some or all of their Nordic Circuit will be silent.

Q: Will Tuesday evenings always be silent and/or will RITUAL have more silent sessions?
In our heart we are a social sauna, yet appreciate that silence has its healing qualities. We are trying out Tuesday evenings to share this option based on feedback from our members, and to gauge desire for silent sauna time from our other visitors.