When is the best time to sauna?

“The more I sauna the more I wanna!” – overheard in locker room at RITUAL

Why do we love sauna so much? We have dozens of reasons… we could talk about health benefits and athletic recovery to social time with friends and special occasions, but at the core of it all I think it is simply taking time to care for self. Since RITUAL opened as Victoria’s first hot cold Nordic spa in 2022 and more people discover the joy of sauna, we are excited to see more sauna opportunities pop up in the Victoria region and on Vancouver Island. From HAVN, a luxury floating spa in the Victoria harbour to a handful of mobile saunas pop ups along the shore or delivered to you.

So, we all love sauna! How do we do more of it? Based on questions from our guests and members, we have put together this guide to help locals add more sauna into their lifestyles, and introduce friends to sauna!

When is the best time to sauna? Tips for your sauna style…

With friends, social time = most evenings and weekends
More mellow, quieter times = early mornings and midday (RITUAL opens at 7:30am for sauna before work!)
Silent and meditative = Tuesday evenings from 5pm to close (NEW!) Or reserve one of our private sauna suites.
Women only = Wednesday evenings from 5pm to close.
Athletic recovery = 24-48 hours after event or training. (Meta analysis found that contrasting hot and cold baths helped team sports players recover from fatigue 24-48 hours after the game.)

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